DfE have published analysis into the costs of providing Levels 4 and 5 in further education. The report aims to cover higher STEM apprenticeships, but it is noticeable that the costs have been investigated at a small sample of five colleges and only one independent training provider. On this basis, the

observation that there are no equipment costs for ITPs because the one they looked at uses the employer’s, is potentially misleading, given that the report concludes that equipment costs are not the largest concern facing providers when deciding whether to deliver such qualifications. As we know, some ITP AELP members (not least Group Training Associations) do have their own equipped training centres, and the availability of capital financing for such facilities is variable depending on the type of institution that is applying. Such costs therefore very much need to be taken into account in any proper review across a wider sample than that reported on here.

It should be hoped that any IfA funding cap recommendations take a wider review of the situation than that put forward in this report – a fuller picture is clearly needed.