Name: Kirsty Hawkins

Position: Director of Learning & Skills

Before re-joining SEK in 2013 Kirsty enjoyed a very successful career within the health and social care (HSC) management sector. During her time managing residential services for adults with learning disabilities she discovered her passion for training staff and service users and took the decision to embark on a career in training and development. Taking up the opportunity to join a work-based learning provider Kirsty used her experience of HSC delivery and management to support the delivery of vocational qualifications.

She rapidly advanced from tutor to lead internal verifier and eventually became the centre’s Quality Manager. Following a brief opportunity returning to the HSC sector Kirsty re-joined SEK in 2013 taking the role as Business Manager until 2015 where the opportunity to progress to Director of Learning and Skills was offered – using her knowledge and experience of delivery, qualifications and funding to support and develop the organisation’s training centre.